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Saverio Pavia is a DJ and music producer based in Rome, Italy with more then 30 years of DJing career experience. He started DJing in the’90 and he still goes on today with the same curiosity, energy and passion as the first day. He began jockeying vinyl on his precious turntables Technis 1200 that still plays happily in his living room. He loves many kinds of underground music like disco, house, tech-house and techno but doesn’t believe in music charts. In fact, he believes that the most important quality for a DJ is to follow the dance floor and to get in tune with people!

He has been DJing in the most prestigious clubs in Rome and in many location in Italy and internationally (for more info regarding past national and international locations see link to his web site at the end of the document), among these:
Piper Club (Rome): maybe the most iconic, famous and old disco club in Italy;
Alibi Club (Rome): he was so excited the first time he played here, the club is a must, a legend, and he is always honored to come back here and play; Peter Pan (Riccione): a huge club in the famous clubs zone of the Adriatic Riviera; Frutta e Verdura (Rome): the most famous gay after hour in Italy; Fresh Pool Party (Rome): can you imagine a huge gay pool party in front of the Coliseum? Mega WOOF America (Predict – Los Angeles, USA): his first time in US! Barcelona Bear Pride 2017 (Barcelona, Spain) he also played in other locations in Spain; Bears Necessity (Panama Club – Amsterdam, Netherlands).
Currently, he is one of the resident DJs for Grosso, Bear Monday, Maschio, and Company Club in Rome and Milan and his collaborating on many other seasonal events. He’s also one of the Rome Gay Pride DJs since 2004, and he’s still full of Pride!





In addition, Saverio is a music producer and has different aliases depending on the music style he produces: disco, house, or tech house

Under his aliases: L’Amour  “L’Amour EP” (Amor records – vinyl 2001) First Class “Love Is” (24REC – vinyl 2003) First Class “Evolution” (24REC – vinyl 2004) Sale “Chees & Pepper” (Zero Db Digital – 2017) Max Martorana – T.I.N.A.T. This is Not A Test (SALE REMIX) (Zero Db Digital – 2017) Disco Maschio “Get Down” (Klubasic – 2020)

Under his name: Pavia & Raso “Reckless”: RMX (Bocs Segrets Rec 2009– cd single) Pavia “Bantuba” (2010 Dark Fader Rec – cd compilation + digital) Pavia “Es Mas” (Next Step Records 2017) Pavia “Him” (Zero Db Digital 2019)

new tracks are coming!

Saverio is a sound engineer by training and he has been working in many FM radio station and TV channels in Rome, among these: Radio Roma, Radio Incontro, Radio

Serena, Talk Radio, ItaliaVera Network, Mondo Radio, Radio Centro Suono, Party Station.

He also conducted many dance radio shows like: Talk Radio Dance Machine (2004), Party Station (2010/2015), Lost In Sound (2017), and he is thinking of starting again a new radio adventure, as he loves radio!



Some clubs where he performed :
Piper Club (Roma, ), Alibi (Roma), Arabesk (Civita Castellana), Alpheus (Roma), Absolute Club (Roma), Mount Gay (Roma), Aquerela (Roma), L’Approdo (Lavinio), La Villa Club (Lavinio), Kursal (Ostia Lido), OstiaFest (Ostia Lido), Alien (Roma), Chalet (Roma), Loft (Roma), Oasi (Ostia Lido), Tantra (Ostia Lido), Tanaliberatutti (Anzio), Rivazzurra (Anzio), Brancaleone (Roma), Trend (Roma), Il Barcone (Roma), Don Piccio (Campo Marino – Taranto), La Siesta Club (Alghero), Go Fish (Cagliari), Igual (Firenze), Black Betty (Roma), Cyborg (Attigliano – Orte), NRG Club (Ciampino – Roma), Maverik (Roma), Jam Cafè (Roma), Shambala (Nettuno), B2 After hours (Latina), Max (Roma), Villa Coesia (Roma), Ex Magazini (Roma),Samsara (Roma), Gloss (Roma), Down Town (Roma), Trend (Roma), Fake (Roma), Tiber (Rome), Zen (Rome), Spazio Zero Village (Rome), Muscolo Rosso (Roma), Twins Bar (Roma), FRESH! Party (Roma + Italy tour), Peter Pan (Riccione), Bcm (Riccione), Pool Party Station (Parco de medici – Roma), Squisito Lounge (Roma), Company Club (Milano), Xtra Club (Lloret de Mar- Spain), Feel Club (Roma) , Ketumbar (Roma), RMX-DressCode (Ponsacco-Pisa), RMX-Casina Rossa (Lucca), Eagle Club (Roma), Narciso (Bari), Pegaso (Catania), Picador (Gallipoli – LE), OmopatiK (Berlin – Germay), Radio Londra (Roma), Le Bain (Roma), Blue Music (Roma), Coyote (Roma), Vogue-Cavalli (Roma), Gay Village Beach (Capocotta – Torvajanica), Frusci (Roma), Macho Lato (Napoli), La bella Venere (Lago di Vico), Jaxzone Party (Roma), Ny-Lon (Roma), Marmo (Roma), Molo Ichnusa (Roma), Radio Cafè (Roma), Company Club (Roma), Track Club – Duro (Milano), Cappella Orsini Club (Roma), Degrado – Bunker Club (Roma), OS Club (Rome), la Biglietteria (Bari), Sparwasser (Roma), Vicius Club (Rome), Largo Venue (Rome), Frutta & Verdura after hours (Rome), Men2Men (Rome), We bear festival (Torre del lago – Viareggio), CSOA FORTE PRENESTINO (Rome), QUBE disco (Rome), MEGA WOOF America (Predict – Los Angeles – USA ) , BEARS NECESSITY (Panama Club – Amsterdam, – NL ), Barcellona Bear Pride 2017 (Barcellona – ES), Twiga (London – UK), and many, many others…
Some special events where he performed:
Rome Gay Pride since 2004 , Kiss in Pacs 2006 (Roma), Personal Dance Love Parade 2007 (Bari), Gay Street Summer 2008 (Roma), Euro Gay Pride 2011, Custom Show Harley Davidson (Fiuggi), Kiss in Pacs 2012 (Roma), Rome Marathon 2012, Fendi Party , Accademia del Lusso, Accesorize and many more
check out his web site here :
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